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Writing Workshops

​I love helping people tap into their creativity and share their unique stories with the world. I am available to visit your school, library, writing group, book club, Scout troop, or convention. My hands-on workshops are high-energy, interactive, and FUN. Presentations generally run 60 minutes and can be tailored to meet your group's special needs. Please contact me for rates and availability. 

*Participants receive a handout/checklist at these workshops.

The Writer's Six-Pack
These six workshops were designed/updated during my time as the Tempe Public Library’s (Tempe, AZ) Writer in Residence in the spring of 2022. The three writing craft workshops can also be done with teens.

​​Writing Craft Workshops

§ Unleash Your Creativity

Learn how to bust through writer’s block and finish your story.  

Do you suffer from writer’s block? Learn how to get unstuck by using music to paint vivid pictures in your brain. Whether you’re crafting novels, screenplays, video game scripts, or D&D campaigns, join this high-energy, interactive workshop designed for all kinds of storytellers. Unleash your imagination and experience the art of storytelling like never before!

§ There Are Only Seven Stories in the World*
Learn how to write stories that resonate on a subconscious level.

If you boil them down, there are only seven stories in the world. In this hands-on, interactive workshop, participants learn how to create stories that connect with readers on a subconscious level. Whether you write novels, screenplays, video game scripts, or fanfiction, this workshop is for all kinds of storytellers.

§ The Universal Specific*
Find your unique writing voice.

Voice. That elusive thing editors and agents ask for but can’t clearly define. In this hands-on, interactive workshop, participants will mine their past for authenticating details to help shape their unique writing voice. Learn how to create stories that readers can connect to on a subconscious level and yet have never heard before. Whether you’re crafting novels, screenplays, video game scripts, or fanfiction, this workshop is for all kinds of storytellers eager to find a voice that resonates in today’s crowded market.

Writing Business Workshops

§ I Wrote a Book! Now, What Do I Do with It?*
Traditional vs. Indie vs. Hybrid Publishing. Which path is right for you?

Congratulations on completing your manuscript! Now what? Should you self-publish it or go the traditional route? This workshop breaks down the pros and cons of each path to help you make an active, informed decision. A take-home worksheet gives participants the actionable steps needed for their publishing journey.

§ Goodreads and Podcasts and Social Media Platforms…Oh My!*
How to build a business as an authorpreneur.   

Marketing is vital for any author, but it can easily consume all your time. Learn how to pinpoint which strategies yield the highest ROI for your time, money, and energy. Whether you are traditionally published or self-published, this workshop equips you with the tools to succeed as an authorpreneur in today’s crowded marketplace.
§ Book Signing Superstar!*
How to look like a professional author even if it is your first event ever.

Nothing is more demoralizing than sitting at an event for hours with your Sharpie at the ready and not selling even one book. Learn the secrets to making a lasting impression, attracting positive attention, and building your brand one satisfied customer at a time.

Other Writing Workshops

What’s the Scoop: How to Write Fun, Informative Nonfiction 

Whether you want to start a class/grade newspaper or simply learn how to write informative pieces for your blog or newsletter, this workshop is for you. Using the 5 W’s and an H in an inverted pyramid formula, you will produce succinct, entertaining, nonfiction stories people will want to read. 

From Fanfic to Paying Gig

Tired of people throwing shade at your fanfiction writing? Whether you want to work for a book packager, write spec scripts for established TV shows, or use your Wattpad success to attract agents to you, let me show you how to take your "little hobby" and translate it into a paying gig.

Other Specialty Workshops

Obento 101 

Obento, or boxed meal, is an art form in Japan. Whether you are a foodie, a Japanophile, or a person who simply appreciates beauty in your everyday life, let The Obento Lady show you how to make an authentic, artistic obento for your next cosplay picnic or special event. Come play with your food!

Ten Obento Hacks

Obento, or boxed meal, is an art form in Japan, but what if you don’t want to spend an hour a day making your lunch? Let The Obento Lady show you how to take your American favorites from drab to fab in ten minutes or less per night. Learn how to make quick, healthy, tasty, kawaii lunches that will be the envy of everybody at your lunch table.

Itadakimasu! Let's Make a Romantic Japanese Dinner for Two* 

Can you boil water and use your oven? If so, The Obento Lady can teach you how to make an authentic Japanese meal, including dessert and a beverage, for your sweetheart. Along the way, she'll entertain you with true stories, random factoids, rules of etiquette, and all the cultural lessons she learned the hard way. **Recipes are included.**     

Itadakimasu! Let's Throw a Japanese Dinner Party* 

Can you make pancakes? If so, The Obento Lady can teach you how to throw an interactive dinner party with people from your Japanese class, your cosplay group, or any group of hungry friends. You'll learn how to make okonomiyaki(savory pancakes guests can customize), two side dishes, dessert, and a beverage. Along the way, she'll entertain you with true stories, rules of etiquette, and cultural lessons. **Recipes are included.**  

Itadakimasu! Let's Throw a Summer Party*

Slip on your yukata, buy some hanabi, and grab your tomodachi. It’s time to throw a summer-themed party for your cosplay/anime friends. As always, The Obento Lady sends you home with cooking knowledge, cultural tidbits, and goofy stories. **Recipes are included.**

Itadakimasu! Let's Build a Bento*

You see bento in anime all the time, but what if The Obento Lady could teach you how to make one? In this small group foodie workshop, participants learn the rules of bento-making before making one to take home. Each participant receives a bento box, a pair of chopsticks, and food to style into a meal. Let’s play with our food!
Allergy warning: Items may contain or come into contact with wheat, eggs, nuts, and milk.

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