With Courage and Cloth Ann Bausum

PBS: The American Experience

Influenza 1918

Want a quick overview of the Spanish flu in video and written form? Hands down, this is the best starting point. 

National Archives and Records Administration
The Deadly Virus: The Influenza Epidemic of 1918

Naval History and Heritage Command

Philadelphia, Nurses, and the Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

1918 Commemoration Resources for Partners

Contains many graphics and a video.

Last of the Doughboys

YouTube Channel

​Interview with 105-year-old WWI Veteran

Alabama Department of Archives & History

YouTube Channel

1918 influenza pandemic survivor interview: Mrs. Edna Register Boone

One For Sorrow Mary Downing Hahn
In the Shadow of Blackbirds Cat Winters


Sara Fujimura Breathe
Hunting the 1918 Flu Kirsty Duncan
Gina Kolata Flu 1918
More Deadly Than War Kenneth C Davis

Hello, homeschoolers, teachers, librarians, and history buffs!

I did hundreds of hours of research while writing BREATHE and want to share some of the fantastic resources I found with you. Want more behind-the-scenes looks at BREATHE? Click over to my blog here for more info about the Spanish flu pandemic, 1918 history, WWI, women's suffrage, prohibition, Philadelphia, and more.  

Free, open source, and created by an AZ HS History Teacher and an AZ HS Science Teacher 

Though both are written at a HS level, some resources are appropriate for younger students.

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Resource Page for BREATHE

Nonfiction Books​​

A Death-Struck Year Makiia Lucier
Philadelphia the World War I Years Peter John Williams

Sara Fujimura

Young Adult Fiction