Consent Nancy Ohlin
The Girl From Everywhere Heidi Heilig
Silver Phoenix Cindy Pon
Every Reason We Shouldn't Sara Fujimura
Sara Fujimura Faking Reality YA sweet romance
Akemi Dawn Bowman The Infinity Courts
Clockwork Prince Cassandra Clare
Indigo Girl Suzanne Kamata
Honey Girl Lisa Freeman
The Counterfeit Family Tree of Vee Crawford-Wong
From Little Tokyo With Love Sarah Kuhn

Biracial Asian Teens in YA 

Tanabata Wish
Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru Tera Lynn Childs
Forget Tomorrow Pintip Dunn
Nothing but the Truth (and a few white lies) Justina Chen
The Agency 1 Y.S. Lee
Possess Gretchen McNeil
Starters Lissa Price
Cat Girl's Day Off Kimberly Pauley
A Dangerous Game Madeline Dyer
Up From the Sea Leza Lowitz
Kristen Simmons The Glass Arrow
The Islands at the End of the World
I'm Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl Gretchen McNeil
Shallow Graves Kali Wallace
Always and Forever Laura Jean Jenny Han
Jet Black and the Ninja Wind Leza Lowitz Shogo Oketani
Remember Yesterday Pintip Dunn
Patron Saints of Nothing Randy Ribay
To All the Boys I've Loved Before Jenny Han
Gadget Girl Suzanne Kamata
P.S. I Still Love You Jenny Han
The Girl at the Center of the World Austin Aslan
Orchards Holly Thompson

Sara Fujimura

Fury of the Phoenix Cindy Pon
Stacey Lee Luck of the Titanic
Legend Marie Lu
Lissa Price
Everything Everything
Riptide Summer Lisa Freeman
Nora and Kettle

Mirrors and Windows and Bridges

For the last several years, I've been cultivating a list of YA titles that feature a biracial Asian Main Character and/or Love Interest. Why? Because these two kids (a.k.a. my now-adult kids) essentially gave up on American YA books because they didn't see themselves represented at all. They turned to anime and manga instead to see teens who looked like themselves. So, whether you are a biracial Asian yourself (mirrors), want to understand the biracial/bicultural teen experience (windows), or are an adult looking for titles for both of these groups (bridges), please enjoy the list below. 

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